Candidate for Governor of Virginia Confronted On-Stage for Anti-immigrant Rhetoric

Sterling, VA - With 8 days left until the gubernatorial election in Virginia, activists confronted Ed Gillespie about his anti-immigrant rhetoric at an election rally on Monday. As Gillespie wrapped up his remarks, Irma Corado, a member of La ColectiVA, stepped on stage and shouted, “Ed Gillespie’s racist rhetoric is all lies, not one more deportation!” while holding a sign that read, “Not1More/Ni1Mas”.

As Corado shouted, loud music was played to drown her out. She was then removed off stage and escorted out by Loudoun County sheriff's deputies.

When asked why she interrupted, Corado said, “Ed Gillespie’s racist rhetoric is enraging and misleading, to say the least. Criminalizing, detaining, and deporting immigrant communities will not solve issues like gangs and violence. U.S. policies, in collaboration with corporations and wealthy abroad, have created the conditions for the violence our countries are still facing today.”

Throughout this campaign season, Ed Gillespie, has attempted to cater to voters by employing increasingly anti-immigrant rhetoric. His attempts to follow the Trump plan have been criticized by immigrant and racial justice organizations throughout the state.

Activists vowed to expose Ed Gillespie’s tactless campaign, and to hold accountable whoever is elected Virginia’s next governor.