Support community members affected by incarceration and deportation!

Abu and his family need your help!

Our Collective Liberation Fund will support local families and community members with whom we work, that are impacted by the incarceration-to-deportation pipeline. Inequities in the legal system disproportionately affect migrants and people of color – particularly  those who have been criminalized. We hope to relieve some of that burden with this fund.

The money raised here will go towards emergency needs, legal costs, and bonds. The primary objective of the fund is to free people who are currently incarcerated and unable to pay their bond amount. We need your support!

Funds raised from our Collective Liberation Fund are currently supporting, Abu, an immigrant from Sierra Leone who is detained at ICA-Farmville. Abu and his family need your help! Abu has been in immigration custody for about 3 weeks. If Abu doesn’t receive proper representation, there is increased risk he will be deported away from his U.S citizen wife and son.

When Abu came to the United States a child, his country of Sierra Leone was still in the midst of a civil war. Abu has been through much and continues to persevere. Unfortunately, this will be the second time he has been detained by ICE, the first time being in 2011 when he was held for over 6 months. Because of this detention in 2011, Abu was not able to graduate from high school. Under the Obama administration, Abu was able to be released from immigration custody.

Abu today is 25 and has lived here in Northern Virginia the majority of his life and knows little to nothing about Sierra Leone. Abu is the only provider of money for his family, and without him his wife and son face eviction from their home. Abu missed his son’s 1st birthday as a result of his immigration detention and continues to miss other important milestones in his son’s development.

Contributions received will go towards emergency needs for Abu and his family, including his legal fees, in order to assist in reuniting him with his family.

Please donate and share widely. Thank you for your generosity and support!

Other Cases

By way of this fund, we have been able to help, Raul, a member of our organizing team in Arlington. Raul, who is now incarcerated at ICA-Farmville, was arrested by ICE officials at his Arlington home in front of his family. Veronica, Raul’s partner, and their family are now struggling to fight his case and to support their family.